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Web services registrationVersion: 7.4.12

The Super Fund Lookup (SFL) web services allow you to incorporate information about superannuation entities and search capabilities into your own applications. Access to the web services is free of charge.

To register for access to the SFL web services:

We will process your application and e-mail you an authentication GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) which is required to access the SFL web services.


The following answers to common questions will help you to understand whether the SFL web services will meet your needs.

Can I update my ABN details using the web services?

No, you cannot update your ABN details or apply for an ABN using the SFL web services. For more information, see:

Do I need to be register for access to the web services to search the SFL web site?

No, you do not need to register for access to the web services to search the SFL web site. To search the SFL web site, simply enter an ABN or fund name in the box in the top right of each screen and press search. Advanced search provides additional search options.

If you have multiple ABNs or fund names to lookup, the free Super Fund Lookup tools may assist.