ExceptionsVersion: 7.4.12

Exceptions returned by the web services fall into a number of categories:

  • http errors such as:
    • Page not found (404)
    • Internal server error (500)
  • Application errors such as:
    • Invalid ABN number
    • No records found
    • Unrecognised GUID
    • ABN is not a superannuation entity

If an application error occurs, the payload will contain an exception consisting of a Code and a Description. The table below lists codes and descriptions that may be returned in an exception.

Exception Codes and Descriptions
Code Description examples
SEARCH No records found
SEARCH Search text is not a valid ABN or ACN
WEBSERVICES The GUID entered is not recognised as a Registered Party
WEBSERVICES The party identified by this GUID has not been registered for the requested service
NONSUPER ABN is not a superannuation entity