USI and product namesVersion: 7.4.12

The Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) is used in SuperStream to identify an APRA fund and/or its superannuation product which an employee (member) is contributing to.

An extract of the APRA fund USI and product names, held in Super Fund Lookup, is available for download. The download is generated daily and is made available to support employers and funds complete their SuperStream readiness.

Note: Although this information is sourced from the ATO Fund Validation Service (FVS), there may be some differences in USI information due to the timing of updates.


Use the link below to download the extract of the APRA fund USI and product names:

The following URL can be used to initiate the download from a scheduled task, a batch job etc:

File layout

The download file is approximately 2MB in size. Each row in the file is 482 characters long and contains fixed length columns as described in the table below.

The Contribution restrictions column contains either Y or N where:

  • Y indicates employers are asked to contact the fund before making a contribution as the fund may restrict contributions from specific employers or members
  • N indicates no restrictions
Structure of download file
Column nameStart column
Fund name13
Product name235
Contribution restrictions436
From date461
To date472