The Trustee for The Sashalex Superannuation FundVersion: 7.4.10

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ABN: 12 165 418 964 View record on ABN Lookup External site
Status: Election to be regulated is being processed.
Please try again on or after 21 Aug 2020

What does 'Election to be regulated is being processed' mean?

An election to be a regulated Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) has been received by the ATO.

Checks are currently being undertaken and need to be completed before this entity can be added to Super Fund Lookup as an ATO regulated SMSF. This process can take up to 28 days to complete.

APRA Funds

Transfers and rollovers cannot be made to the entity at this time. Check for updates to the status of this SMSF on or after the date in the information listed above.

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This extract is based on information supplied by superannuation entities to the Commissioner of Taxation.

Important Neither the Australian Government nor the ATO endorse or guarantee the performance of super funds.