Bulk download service


The complete list of super funds with active ABNs that have a status of Complying or Registered - status not determined is available for download. This information is provided under the Freedom of Information ActExternal site for use in compliance and surcharge reporting.

Detailed address information for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) is not provided in this download file.


Register online for access to the download service. When we have processed your registration, we will e-mail you a Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID) which must be provided each time you download the file.


To download the file, enter your GUID in the text box below and click the download button.

The download file is approximately 10MB zipped and 180MB unzipped. Due to its size, we recommend that you save the file to disk and open it from the saved location.

File layout

The download file contains fixed length columns as described in the table below. Each record is 395 characters in length.

The Regulator column contains one of the following possible values:

The last column, Status, contains one of the following possible values:

File layout
Column nameStart column
Fund name1
Address line 1 (not provided for SMSFs)214
Address line 2 (not provided for SMSFs)275
Suburb (not provided for SMSFs)314